Ravindran Industries

The Company is engaged in designing, developing, manufacturing and installing various wrought iron metal decorative items such as Ornamental Grills, Gates, Balcony Railings, Staircase Railings, Entrance Gates and various other Metal Art Work. They produce a wide variety of front and side entrance gates ranging from simple, practical designs to detailed personal works of art enhancing the value of your property.

Four important aspects governing the design of a gate are your personal taste, its intended use or your reason to buy the gate, the location of the gate and the available budget .Whether you are looking for a quality fabricated security gate, an elegant hand forged traditional gate or whether you want to create a totally unique artistic gate by using their design and blacksmithing skills to their full potential, they are confident that they can offer you the best possible solution at a competitive price. Ravindran Industries Pvt. Ltd. is promoted by an artist turned entrepreneur with the main objective of preserving & promoting the rich traditional architectural beauty. They have manufactured decorative items with combination of various metals such as Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Iron, F. R. P. etc.

For more information, please visit http://grmetals.com

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